Flexible Lens Protection

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 In 2020, our product development team designed a new Samsung s20 high-end slider phone case. Once sold, it caused a huge response.According to scientific calculation, the clearance between the sliding cover and the shell is close after adjustment for many times. The sliding cover is easy to slide but not loose.


1.Protect the lens and privacy:Slide cover lens cover design, 0.2mm heightening treatment, without film, the lens can also be well protected; it also makes hackers have no opportunity to effectively prevent privacy leakage.

2.Both soft and hard, anti-fall and scratch-resistant:TPU soft rubber on the side, high elastic material, edge anti falling protection; hard PC on the back shell, tough and wear-resistant, tough protection.

3.Technology upgrade, comfortable touch:Protect the surface of the shell to improve texture and hardness; spray touch oil on the lens cover to make it soft and delicate, and effectively prevent fingerprints.

4.Close to the body, smooth operation:The real machine opens the mold, the key position is accurate, the operation feel is like the naked machine, smooth and correct.

5.No fear of bumping and bumping

6.Classic business, versatile fashion:The classic twill design inherits the classic urban style, conveys the sincere and capable attitude, and is fashionable and versatile.